On Line – Sexual Energy & Healing Love Course

1 étudiant

Click on “acheter ce cours” to book the class, if any difficulty to book,

write us to lesventreslibres@gmail.com and we will do it for you

schedule :

-saturday 13th of March : 14H00 – 17H / 18H30 – 21H30 Paris Time

-sunday 14th of March: 14H00 – 17H/  18H30 – 21H30 Paris Time

13H00-16H / 17H30-20H30 London and Dublin time

8H00-11H00 / 12H30 -15H30 new york time


when you register for the workshop you will also have the video of the live workshop available  for one month

It will be translated live into Spanish, English, French and Portuguese,
you can choose your channel and the language in which you want to listen to the course.



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